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Lahva, Inc. is a one-stop source for apparel from design to floor ready product.

We are the U.S. based representative of a consortium on international apparel sourcing companies.

Our mission is to provide the best apparel sourcing services to U.S. based brands and retailers.

We also aim to use our resources to be a leading incubator of apparel brands.

Our Services

A) We manage the production of apparel items for US based apparel retailers and brands through our network of international apparel factories.

B) For our customers we:

End to end sourcing service

C) We also provide our customers with an end to end sourcing service that requires us to provide management of the entire apparel supply chain. This full service arrangement entails overseeing the total sequence of steps from design concept to consumer purchase of an apparel garment, including the stages of design, raw material acquisition, garment construction, packaging, shipping, distribution/warehousing, delivery to retail and consumer purchase.

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Our Clients

cee cee & ryan

cee cee & ryan is an upstart “little ones” clothing and accessories brand based in Los Angeles, CA.

The cee cee & ryan diaper bags are available for sale online at Nordstrom

They will also be showing their latest collection at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada October 18 – 21.

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